Fereni or Persian Rice Pudding

This a sweet rice dish, an easy and quickly prepared desert which can eaten warm in the winter or cold in the summer. It’s completely gluten-free and you can decorate it any way you wish, add a few strands of za’faran, fruit or nuts or both, sprinkle with powdered cinnamon. Kids love it and a tempting dish for those who are convalescing.

Serves 4


  • 1/2 litre of milk
  • 50 gr’s rice flour
  • 100 gr’s caster sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of rose-water


  1. Heat the milk in a pan
  2. Add the rice flour, sugar and rose-water and stir
  3. Continue to stir until the milk boils and thickens
  4. Serve in individual dishes and decorate as you please.

3 thoughts on “Fereni or Persian Rice Pudding

  1. Salam, DH liked this. I tried converting it to cups and it turned out rather thin unbtil I added more white rice flour but that may be my wrong conversion. The taste is nice. I used regular white sugar and part half & half, 10% table cream and part water. I used Iranian rose water which is superior. I decorated ours with slivered almonds and Iranian saffron strands and we ate it cold. I would only make this again if I can get the exact measurements in cups.

  2. Dear Javaneh,

    Thank you for posting the recipe for Fereni. Both my fiance and I fully enjoyed it and will be severing it to our non-Iranian friends. Also thanks for calling it Iranian, rather than Persian. The word Persian applies only to the Parsis, who live in central Iran, and not to the other six nations living on the Iranian plateau. So, to keep our beautiful country united, please keep calling your recipes Iranian. Again, many thanks. Hadi

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